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Who does not follow me?

This is one of the biggest questions twitter users have, "Who does not follow me back on twitter?"

Sign in with twitter to use our tools. You will be able to easily answer these questions:

  • Who does not follow me back?
  • Can I unfollow everyone who does not follow me back?
  • Can I see who I do not follow back?
  • Can I follow back everyone that follows me?
  • Who are my new followers?
  • How to thank new followers?
  • Can I see who recently unfollowed me?
  • Can I tweet those that unfollowed me?
  • Who mentions me?
  • How to thank those that mention me?
  • Who retweets me?
  • How to thank those that retweet me?
  • How to follow people by a keyword or simliar interests?
  • Can I give #followfriday #ff shoutouts to those that follow and mention me?

Have a busy life and don't have a lot of time to manage your twitter account? This is for you :)

not follow me

Want to easily unfollow everyone who does not follow you back simple and quick? How about follow back everyone who follows you just as easy? Tweet new followers or unfollowers?

By being a Gold Tool user you get:

  • Unfollow everyone who doesn't follow you
  • Follow everyone who follows you
  • Tweet a thanks to users that follow you
  • Tweet a "boo" to users that unfollowed you
  • Do any of the above (individually or all together) in one fell swoop
  • Graph showing new followers and new unfollowers per month
  • Graph showing total followers and friends per day

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