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Sorry for any errors you may have been getting, the server has been upgraded so everyone should have a better experience. I also added a little feature to unfollowing those that don't follow you back. I did fix the "red" issue, where those that are not likely to follow you back are in red. The added feature is now you can unfollow only those in red. This is helpful if you are using the follow by keyword to gain new followers. You can safely unfollow those in red (instead of unfollowing everyone) and give those other tweeps more chance and time to follow you back.
Gold Tool users now have 2 graphs in their profile. One shows new followers and new unfollowers based by month. The other graph shows total followers and friends based by day.
The Gold Tool now has a new feature. Not only can you follow everyone back and unfollow everyone who unfollowed you with a single click, now you can also tweet a thanks to new followers and a boo to new unfollowers, in that same single click :)
The Gold Tool is an awesome tool that lets you follow everyone back and/or unfollow everyone who stopped following you in one easy swift click. This is great for those that do no have time to wade through all of their followers and unfollowers. It is simple, easy to use and saves you time! We do charge a $2 a month fee to use this feature to prevent abuse. We will also add more cool features to this exclusive tool!
Did a major revamp on how data is received and processed. Threw some ajax in there to help with timeout issues. Hopefully this fixes most of the problems people have had. Let me know if you are experiencing any problems. Since this is a major rework I moved it from Beta 1.02 to Beta 2.0.
Got some time to be able to do a new look and layout. Goal was to make things a little easier, hopefully I will get some more free time to start reworking a lot of this old code.
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