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Who Doesn't Follow You Back
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Who do I follow that doesn't follow me?

Who follows me that I don't follow?

Who likes to tweet my favorite words?

Who mentions or retweets me?

Welcome to twitNERD!

Unfollow everyone who doesn't follow you back on twitter (or select who you want to unfollow)!

We do not store any of your information, you will always have to sign in through twitter when your session runs out.

twitNERD can help you see who you follow that doesn't follow you back, and you can unfollow all of them or just individual tweeps.

We can also show you who follows you but you don't follow back, and you can follow all of them or just individual tweeps

Want to follow people who tweet certain words or phrases? We can help you do that too.

Want to give a shout out to the tweeps that mention or retweet you? We do a #ff follow friday shout for those kind souls :)

We can't help you with bird poop on your head though :(

Follow @twitNERDApp Tweet to @twitNERDApps is a project by Sam Simpson

Find an error or bug?
Please let us know by sending a tweet to @twitNERDapps

To select individual tweeps to follow/unfollow just click on their box, when selected the background will change to a blue color. Then press the "Follow/Unfollow Selected" button.

To follow/unfollow all of the listed tweeps just click the "Follow/Unfollow All" button. This will follow/unfollow every tweep that is shown.

Why is some info in red?
To help you decide if someone is worth following, we will show info for tweeps that are less likely to follow you back in red. What we do is check how many followers they have and how many they follow, if they follow back less than 50% of their followers then we show them in red.

What is "give us props :)"?
This is something that can help people find us (the nice way of saying advertise us). Basically it tweets who you followed/unfollowed with a link to our site and twittername. Please do this, we need alot of exposure since we are new :)

What is "Notify tweeps you followed/followed them back"?
Basically we tweet "@username I followed with searching SEARCHSTRING @twitnerdapps" or "@username I followed you back with @twitnerdapps". Sometimes tweeps won't even know you follow them, this way they know, and if not already following you have a greater chance at following you back :) We would also appreciate the free plug :)

Need more help or have comments/suggestions?
Hit us up on twitter @twitNERDapps

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